Psychogeography can be defined as an examination of the total effects of geography and place on the individual.

Psychogeophysics expands this artistic research to embrace geophysics, defined as the quantitative observation of the earth's physical properties, and its interaction with local signal ecologies.

Psychogeophysics proposes a series of interdisciplinary public experiments and workshops excavating the spectral city and examining the precise effects of geophysical/spectral ecologies on the individual through pseudo-scientific measurement and mapping, algorithmic walking and the construction of (experimental) situations.


Psychogeophysics Summit London August 2010

Psychogeophysics Autumn Fieldtrips Berlin September 2010

Splinterfields: Electromagnetickal Arts December 2010

Detection Workshop March 2011

ad-hoc investigations 2011

Suffolk Summit August/September 2011

Symptoms Newcastle September 2011

viennese symptoms 28th September 2011

Monument. Skin. Excavation 27th November 2011

Pholas Dactylus. Lyme Regis. August 2013

Telluro-Geo-Psycho-Modulation experiments 2014, 2015, 2018

Methods [in progress]


Talk #psychogeophysics

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