purified electroworld July 16th


M-maybe there is a Machine to take us away, take us completely, suck us through the electrodes out of the skull 'n' into the Machine and live there forever with all the other souls it's got stored there. It could decide who it would suck out, a-and when. Dope never gave you immoratality. You hadda come back, every time, into a dying hunk of smelly meat! But We can live forever, in a clean, honest, purified, Electroworld

[Gravity's Rainbow. Thomas Pynchon]

“Raketemensch!” screams Säure, grabbing the helmet and unscrewing the horns off of it. Names by themselves may be empty, but the act of naming . . . .

[Gravity's Rainbow. Thomas Pynchon]

A psychogeophysical walk executing the first steps (00000) of rocketman in an inverse, exposed Berlin, 66 years later (and marking the 66 year anniversary of the first (supposed) atomic bomb test in the Jornada del Muerto desert). To be followed by drinks at the legendary Chicago bar.

Meeting on Saturday, July 16th 2011 at 16:00 on the North side of the Siegessäule.


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