Speculative apparatus for psychogeophysical action and measurement

The Psychogeophysics Walker

The walker is a mobile platform assemblage combining a range of psychogeophysics research devices as detailed below.

entropy skrying

The entropy scrying device provides the equivalent of tossing 200 coins every second as one walks through a site. The results (say a count of the number of heads) are logged for each GPS recorded location. The scrying device samples white noise from internal transistor avalanche breakdown. To form each hardware driven coin toss 166 samples are taken, a count taken of the number of samples which AND with 1 (ie. the last bit is a 1). If the result ANDs with 1 we have 0 (say heads), if not then we have a 1. This bit is exclusive ORed with a flipping pattern of 1,0,1,0 and so on within a process (after Von Neumann) designed to reduce any environmental influences or biad. We then accumulate the 200 random bits for later plotting of entropy to location.

skin substrate earth

Overlaying the measurement of skin impedance/resistance with earth impedance by using the fingers as measurement probes within context of geophysical earth resistance measurement. Electrodes are replaced by fingers digging into the earth. A measurement of parallel impedance of earth and skin is obtained. Plotting of measurements on ad-hoc hand-drawn maps.

(for code please see skin substrate earth

latest scrying prototype 2011

Integrating: OPA336 GSR, AD8313 wideband log detector, AD5933 impedance and temperature measurement and GS407 Helical GPS Receiver (from tinkersoup ).

Code: https://code.goto10.org/svn/micro_research/trunk/new_skry/

KiCad designs: new_skry.zip

world/brain interface

Biophysical measurement

For the moment please see: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/biologic.html

Geophysical measurement

For the moment please see: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/geophysics.html

Inscription and playback


play back the stone tape

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