The telluro-geo-psycho-modulator is the latest experiment in a series of playful explorations and elaborations of a general psychogeophysics thesis, extracted from Michael Persinger's work, that brain states are modulated by the interference of weak geomagnetic fields, and that such modulations cause anomalous experiences.

Taipei Workshop, October 17-18 2018

London Workshop/Field Trip, May 2-3 2015

Telluro-geo-psycho-modulator workshop and Epping Forest field trip, Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Park, May 2-3rd

Places are limited - email to register interest, thanks! Cost is £15 for materials, and participants keep the circuits they have built (which can be used with other devices eg. audio).

In the workshop/field trip participants will build a simple interface with which to test Persinger's thesis by amplifying the earth's telluric currents (naturally weak electromagnetic fields), modulating the signals with geological samples, and then playing them across the brain, with any anomalous effects registered and recorded.


London Workhsop & Field Trip Documentation

Avebury field trip, UK

June 2014 trip to Avebury by Jonathan Kemp, Martin Howse, and Ryan Jordan. Setting up one of the Linz circuits/electrodes to connect with large standing stone solenoid on the West Kennet Avenue. Clear radio signal with minor telluric(?) signals when electrodes audio tested. Redesign of circuit to include place opamps to electrode ends to amplify telluric signal, and to use heavily shielded electrode cables.

AMRO, Linz, Austria

The Magic Valley, Linz

The telluro-geo-psycho-modulator was presented in a workskhop & field trip at AMRO_2014, Linz, Austria.

For the workshop participants constructed a diffamp-opamp-mosfet circuit connected to two 20m-spaced copper electrodes. Copper sulphate noise reduction gels were prepared in small unglazed clay pots for each electrode for later burial on the field trip.

The next day participants went to the Magic Valley near the old quarry at Magarethen. In a clearing the pairs of spaced electrode pots were buried 15cm into the earth following a North-South axis. Small fragments of quarry rock were collected and wrapped with thin insulated copper wire to act as crude solenoids when connected to the circuits. Participants then donned a headband of 4 rock solenoids to test for any modulations in intra-hemisphere brain activity from the electromagnetic fields generated via the amplified telluric signals.

Circuit schematic:

following Avebury June 2014 trip, to redesign with opamps on electrodes > diffamp > fet


Older related experiments include:

Psychotronic Reactors workshop, Nottingham, 2014 Images - based on idea to induct/amplify geological currents (Piksel 2012).

t01.jpgtempelhof, 2010

brain writing experiments, London, 2010 and related brain writing electronic device, Berlin, 2009 - device made based on unpublished calculations by Prof. Friedrich Ernst Wagner flux_calculation calculation_of_coils

beta-band-interface-0.jpg bicycle wheel EM field generator real_code, Piksel08, Bergen, 2008


In 'ELF and VLF Electromagnetic Field Effects', (1974, Plenum Press, ed. M. Persinger), Persinger describes 'time varying electromagnetic processes associated with geophysical and metreorological sources' as occupying frequency ranges conventionally described as ELF (3hz-3khz, VLF of 3-30khz, and ULF (<3Hz), and he pinpoints relevant frequencies from a 'psychophysiological reference point'… 'time-varying magnetic and electric fields and electromagnetic waves between 0.01Hz and 100Hz within the ELF band' as pointing to the existence of fundamental overlaps between ambient and biogenic ELF fields (frequencies in the human brain between 1-50Hz, with currents of around 10-100 μV) to suggest possible interaction and interference between the two. Electric fields in the environment vary between 1mV/m to 10 mV/m.

Persinger also reports (p283), that in early lab studies he, Lafreniere and Mainprize (1974) tested more than 80 subjects for 40 minute intervals in 3-Hz/10-Hz (0.3 V/m or 3.0 V/m); and on p288 that tests for reaction time (RT) standard deviations for different human subjects were recorded after exposure to successive 10 minute presentations of either 3-Hz or 10-Hz 3.0 V/m electric fields (unpublished data, Persinger, 1973).

re. copper sulphate buffer gel - for 20% CaS04 solution = 383g in 1000ml deionised/distilled water (&& use gelatin not agar to make gel)

Background Reading:

Michael Persinger: On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms, 1995

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