Template for a psychogeophysical report


a work in progress


- date and time of report commencement

- where is the site? (GPS co-ordinates)

- names of investigators

- weather

the plague

- what symptoms can be divined for a plague within the city?

- how can these symptoms be drawn into visibility?

- what sites are suggested by this symptomatology?

sites where something is made visible, is emerging

how was the site divined?

(eg. algorithmic walk, scrying, remote viewing, electromagnetic suggestion (electrometer or RF meter,magnetometer), symptoms, skin resistance, intuition, suggestion, ley-line mapping, sudden change in temperature)

were there any immediate anomalies associated with the site?

(anomalous measurements, behaviours, intuitions, imaginations)

a rough description of the site

- including a sketch of the site

impressions and intuitions of the site

impressions of the observer and act of observation

objects/items of note found at the site

- physical evidence

object description bag number date/time

studies/surveys conducted at the site?

suggested surveys:

wide area: scrying, soil resistance, dowsing or use of pendulum, bowsing, biological response survey (GSR, heartrate)

local: underground observatory, excavation, EVP recordings, thoughtographic studies

results of those surveys?


logs of plots/graphs/images/recordings

surveys revealing substrates or objects for further investigation?

list of substrates

what interventions where made on this substrate?

substrate intervention results of intervention/reference

suggested interventions:

Processes such as: hitting, heating, dissolving, electrical (potentials), electrochemical, magnetic, chemical, crumbling, wetting, adding to, mixing, scraping, inscription/insertion, playback of surfaces/rubbing

simple substrate correspondence classification tests:

scratching, grinding or streaking substrates on hard surface eg. kerbs, colour and lustre, form, cleavage (hammer), magnetism (magnets/compass), taste, vinegar(calcite), smell


equipment list

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