rough: psychogeophysical studies and actions in and around Berlin Tempelhof (as part of transmediale presence during PopKomm 6-10 September)

Open working, laboratory space and presentation of research results of psychogeophysical interventions and excavations of the Tempelhof area, towards the construction of a future (internal) electromagnetic architecture.




Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp, Martin Kuentz, Kathrin Guenter, Marta Zaparolli


6-10 September 2010

With 6-7 fieldwork, 8th fieldwork and display of research, 9/10 display only


  • mapping (questions of) and plotting (scry, mini-scry)
  • angelic helmet intervention
  • earth resistance
  • radio telescopy evening
  • correlations with qualitative plant investigation
  • atmospheric antenna launch


wideband magnetic loop

materials/equipment needed/supplied

mdf/ply board 70 x 70cm

lengths of 50x50mm wood

small spade or shovel

copper tape

nylon strings

1/4 jack leads (1-2m) (stereo) (mh)

thick copper wire (jk)

5mm copper mesh (mk)

shortwave radio receiver (jk)

chicken wire/similar

battery drill (mh)

hand saw (mh)

staple gun and staples

trolley (mh)

CF recorder(s)

MINI-DV camera

micro-sd video camera (jk)

digital audio recorder (mk)

antenna materials (mk)

receivers & wireless detectors (mk)

tents (mk)

1-2qm copper reflector (mk)

kite or rubber/latex weather balloon (mk)

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