At the suggestion of Daniel Belasco Rogers a joint trip to this location:

TP Rauenberg

I can remember previously dreaming of several features of this unusual place and of its act of description here; the terracing, as if in a hall but obviously an exterior location. The extreme, almost musical quality of the terracing is captured in the entropy plots below, if not within lacking photographic documentation.

Studies conducted: low and high frequency emission logging, entropy logging (see )

the approach

the point

the interior

close by


Low frequency plot

High Frequency plot

Cumulative random number generation

With the red landscape as log of 200 sample RNG tests, and green as cumulative normal p=0.05.

Sites of low entropy

low entropy sites -: 52.451745 13.36635

low entropy sites +: 52.4531033333 13.3674383333

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