flipchart paper(x)

portable TV(s) (jk - b+w 4”, colour 14”)


monitor speakers/small mixer/associated cables (jk euro mixer, cables)

power strips (jk some, Space some))

soldering irons x 10 / solder / stands / de-solderers x 2 (mh)(jk has 2 desolderers, 3-6 irons, 1 stand)

wire cutters/pliers/hacksaw/stanley knives/screwdrivers (mh - some)(jk- some)

general electronics components - resistors/caps/battery holders/ wiring/ copper boards (mh - some)(jk - some)

electret mics(x)

electronics measurement: multimeters, oscilloscope (jk - 3 multimeters, oscilloscope)

multiband (20 band) radio receiver for 21 mhz

knife cutters/scissors/string/thread (jk)

permanent markers

variously sized tin cans

chicken wire

plywood (jk has)

wooden dowel

rubber (jk has)

hobby drill (jk - 1)

drill (jk - 1)

handsaw (jk - 1 hacksaw, blunt handsaw)


glue sticks/glue gun (jk - 1)

wood scraps

beamer (HTTP)

small PA

copper wire

bicycle wheel

Mobile Lab:

map (print some)

pensioners shopping trolley/similar x 2/3

gaffer tape(x)

dataloggers (laptops/pda's/wlhdd's)(security) (mh -some)

cable ties(x)


gas soldering irons (mh x2)


line marking sprays

audio recorders ext. microphones

gps (mh x1)

chemical spot test equip (earth substrate analysis - jk)

sample pots/bags/tubes

blow torch (jk)

trowels, stakes etc(x)

geiger counter (mh)

consumables: AA batteries, tin foil, wire

River Trip





video cameras

digital/still cameras (mh x1)

audio recorders

specific workshops

1] DIY psychogeo: VHS, HD, CD-ROM, small mirrors (mh), superfine nylon thread(mh), cassette boxes, epoxy glue(jk), needles, magnets(mh ordered, salvage), glass jars, lasers(mh 2x), transformers (mh),amplifiers(mh), special screwdrivers (mh), compass

2] thoughtography: development trays, b and w paper (katie) and film developer and fix (katie buys in London on friday 30th), black cardboard (katie buys in London on friday 30th), black gaffa tape, black glue gun glue (katie), photographic paper (katie), films, liquid light (katie buys in London on friday 30th), gelatine (katie), glassplates

shielded 50/70ohm coaxial cables, lab surplus (have), 900w microwave oven (have), laser pointers, CB stations (have two), digital sound recorders (2 needed), hand-made CB directional (beam) antennas

martin h equipment

psychogeophysic inscription device

scrying (x2), mini-scry with all modules (including white noise) and antennas:

several FGM-3 fluxgate magnetometer sensors (with mini-scry)

GSR - galvanic skin resistance (with scrying logger)

USRP software defined radio + PSU

wire for coils, amplifier materials, diodes, webcam, wire, copper tape, batteries, parts such as photodiodes, caps, resistors, FETS, 4093, 555, op-amps, a few breadboards, arduino)

Garmin GPS

crimper, sockets and cable

Byron AVR programmer and chips

to get from maplin/RS components


9v battery clips

resistors: 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M

caps: 100nF, 10uF, 1uF


crocodile clips

bare wire (1mm, 0,4mm), insulated regular wire



water - spring/sparkling



bread/ham/cheese/potato salad/hommous/salads………



salad bowls

chopping board

fairy liquid / sponges

kitchen roll

tea towels

tea/coffee pots/machines


bbq stuff

meat/fish/vegetables for 20 ppl



fairy liquid / sponges

kitchen roll

tea towels


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