Remote Viewing sessions:

1. Sealed photographic paper was placed on my knees underneath remote viewing papers.

2. During a second Remote Viewing Session to locate the location for the last day.

Dark Heart Of Codeness:

Sealed photographic papers where hidden on various places around our dark heart at the ending point of the walk.


Attached to a tree:

Underneath leaves:





Hidden in the dark heart, in the middle of Point Hill:

Hydrophonic thoughtography

Photographic paper attached to one of Gordos hydrophones, 15 minutes recording in serpentine waters.

Emissions from the body

During The Walk, Lara wore a light tight belt with 2 sheets photographic paper hidden inside:

The other sheet, that was placed next to it in the same direction, with the sensitive side facing the body, turned out completely white.

More bodily experiements:

Photographic envelopes disguised as a knee belt:

… hidden in a head:

Emissions from random objects round space gallery

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