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[all above images by Danja Vassiliev and Kathrin Guenter]

Kamera for thoughtography:

thoughtographic exposure at the castle of the teutonic knights, torun poland

thoughtographic exposure during a book reading:

thoughtographic city: berlin

all images by kathrin günter

jk - brain_writing - for large file versions

Camera obscura workshop:

Camera obscura “model 1” made from extremely cheap materials: - lens from Chinese 1-euro shop - disposable cardboard from supermarket wastebin - glue - ducktape.

You can see that the projection gives a nice lomo effect.

I have “perfected” the design for easier construction. This is “model 2”. Model 2 is simpler to construct, more solid and gives a better and bigger picture. Now it is possible to draw the scene that you see on the transparent paper. You can see my simple drawing in the lower left corner.

At the workshop I will try to make Model 3 - which should be even easier to use for drawing, but more difficult to construct because it uses an extra mirror.

Parabolic microphone workshop:

We will experiment with an extremely simple parabolic microphone consisting of: - an op-amp preamplifier kit - ready to be soldered - a miniature microphone - some wires and audio connector - a 9v battery

I have ordered 6 kits. The umbrella we will have to find somewhere in a shop. I will bring only two umbrellas myself.

Although it is just a preamplifier, the kit is powerful enough to drive headphones. This contraption is sensitive enough to detect an audio source at the other side of the room that I cannot hear unaided. I suspect that the frequency performance is poor, because a 1000Hz source is amplified less than an 500 HZ source.

Observation workshop

Just a few book sources for scientific enjoyment of the city: - Lower left: the classic physics observation books of Marcel Minnaert - Lower right: the classic nature observation books of Nico Tinbergen - Upper right: the classic geology observation book of P. van der Lijn - In between: some modern like minded observers and explorers: - urban flora - lichens - clouds - waves - sun, moon + stars = classic navigation - urban geology

Just a few sources for my talk + walk …

Camera obscura workshop:

Model three. A bit fidgety to construct but easier to use for drawing.

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