They destroy the clumsy tools of their crime; they hide away the knife, the bludgeon; they sop up the blood, they throw it, the jemmy, the dead man, the suffocated poor infant, into the ditch, the pool-and they leave intact the odic negative, the photograph of their sin, the thought thing in the air. The headless child is buried in the garden, but the thought of the beheader is left to lie about.

The Odic Negative of Rendleshem Forest

Exposure time: Monday, 14.00 until Saturday, 16.00. Photographic paper has been buried under the earth in a circle.

The Odic Negative of Woolpit - The green children

Exposure time: ca. 2 minutes. Photographic paper has been exposing under a piece of moose overgrown wood.

The Odic Negative of Grimes Graves

Exposure time: ca. 5 minutes, rubbing the sensitive layer of photographic paper into several decapitated birch tree trunks.

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