Equipment bringing

Martin brings: 3 solder irons, multimeter, electronics kit, magnetometer, consumer GPS+cables, underground observatory, HV power supply, hardware RNG,arduinos,scrying kits, new skry, earth-substrate apparat, croc clips, programmer+USB cable(s), box for new skry (£20), microsd convertors, aa batts (£3), copper tape, digital camera and charger

M costs so far: £26 + £91 electronics

Jonathan - open wifi scanner, 4-track digital recorder, cassette tape recorders + tapes, 12v ignition coil (m/bike)

Petr - digital recorder, digital camera, binoculars, kite

Katie - portable b/w darkroom, incl. fix, developer and paper (bought £45)

xname - w.o.w. chemicals kit (green fire), small digital camera, gloves, candles, 2 bots + 2 open air solar panels, ++

misc: grilltops(jk), charcoal, bbq lighters(jk), cafetiere(jk),

Materials needed

to get in london: butane for solderiron(jk), gaffer tape, gluegun and sticks(jk), perspex (a4 or so), coathangers, 9v blocks

For High Voltage mineral workshop

electronic parts: extra 555, 2n3055, 100nF HV capacitors

materials: perspex sheet (jk-clear glass), dish for salt water (jk), salt, overhead foil/transparency (jk, A3), clamp (JK, small g-clamps/plastic spring clamps), wood for frame, 12v-24v power supply (from computer?), 2x 12volt ignition coils (jk x1 m/cycle), photographic paper, developer, fix, HV cable (jk 5metre)

For ghost detector workshop

copper wire(mh),lm386, germanium diodes(mh collection), dictaphone (jk), veroboard, wire, opamps(tl074), mpf102 fet or equiv (ordered to UK- £2.90), BC547,LEDs, 10n,47n,100n,10uF,220uF caps, 1M,100K,10k,1k,470 Ohm, 10 ohm resistors, potis, 9v battery clips, headphone sockets, 9v batteries, kupferlitze(wire), battery holders (1xAA), headphone jacks, op07

fulgurite project

metal rods (bbq skewers) 6-12 (jk)

D12-5 (jk) rocket engines taped to wooden rod

(jk has estes stingray (300m+), old B-64's, estes launcher, wadding) engine_ratings

Washing soda, lime or borax, microwave oven (jk), ceramic insulation (jk), alumina crucibles (jk)

magnesium powder(jk), magnetite powder (jk), copper sulphate (jk), silver (jk), gold (jk), pure silica sand (jk) sodium bicarb (instaed of borax…jk)

rubber soled boots


AA batteries

metal coat hangers for dowsing

large roll wire - 500m copper (ordered jk)

Technical references

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