Kirlian Geological Photography Workshop 4pm - 9pm Tuesday 30th August CSV Ipswich

Kirlian (high voltage) photography imaging techniques are explicitly opened to the electromagnetic spectrum, which stands as a medium for another form of perception in revealing the exchanges, in a literal bringing to light, of varying inorganic and organic systems.

The workshop will explore Kirlian photography from the production of a high frequency high voltage supplies, through to experimentation with varying photographic processes and techniques for making final Kirlian images.

Participants are welcome to bring inorganic/organic specimens, especially geologic,for imaging, and any digital or analogue cameras for use in the workshop.

All participants take part at their own risk.



100 nF HV capacitor and 10K resistor in series across + and - of ignition coil.

- of coil connected to screw/collector of 2n3055 transistor

+ of coil to + power supply

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