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-====== Introduction ====== 
{{:walk4.jpg}} {{:walk4.jpg}}
-The psychogeophysics walker is a mobile, iconic platform for both 
-urban and field exploration. The walker, designed around a disabled or 
-aged person's walker or trolley, incorporates a range of sensors 
-logging both the users biological/emotional states (EEG, skin 
-resistance, skin temperature, blood flow and breathing patterns), and 
-the local environment (magnetic field, high and low frequency signals, 
-temperature, soil resistance where available) enabling a series of 
-maps to be constructed of walked locations and correlations to be 
-established between psyche and geophysical environment. The walker is optionally equipped with inscription device and laser 
-scanner, enabling local fields to be either engraved on specific 
-surfaces or such surfaces to be read back (the stone tape). 
-The psychogeophysics walker equally functions as an assemblage or 
-catalogue of open hardware geophysical and bio-sensor designs and free 
====== Hardware overview ====== ====== Hardware overview ======
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