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**viennese symptoms is part of [[http://codedcultures.org/post/viennese-symptoms|coded cultures 2011]]** **viennese symptoms is part of [[http://codedcultures.org/post/viennese-symptoms|coded cultures 2011]]**
-===== materials and equipment ===== 
-**borrowed/hired on site:** battery powered practice amp, trolley, CF audio recorder+{{:v1.jpg|}}
-**to bring:** battery powered mixer, AM radios, electronics kit and tools (inc. meter, gas iron), new skry, RNG skry, GPS, trowel, audio cables, programming kit, copper wire, wire, 9v batteries, detector example, prototype transmitters, silicone/glue/pigment kit, photodiodes and laser examples, string, chalk, crayons, piezos,  microsd convertors, copper tape, digital camera and charger, compass, needles, dictaphone, gluegun, glue, a4paper, report templates, small loudspeakers, small amp circuit, brushes, butane gas, reichelt order, micro-scales, wire (insulated and bare), clay, gaffer tape, solder irons 
-**buy:** small watch batteries, clear plastic cups, AA batteries, ziplock bags 
-===== schedule ===== 
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