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 +deeper and deeper;
 +Psychogeophysics takes on board the entire immaterial world of rock and stone (the salt[s] of the earth) and translates them into one big global transmutational conspiracy of selfless mind control. Hurray!
 +But deeper and deeper, behind the other-time objectivity of geophysical processes might hide another intrusive force, life (art always takes you back to yourself). Quoting the Amazon ethnobotanist William Balee:
 +''"The atmosphere is partly an artefact of the unfolding of life. In this context, one may consent to the view that Earth and its Latin equivalent, Terra, are misnomers; our planet should have been called Vita - for it is life itself, rather than any single life form or species (even the human one), that distinguishes it from the other planetary bodies of our solar system, at present. Life as a total phenomenon may even have affected plate-tectonics and other supposedly organic processes..."''
 +Physics follows biology, where have heard this before? In Life Itself, a stunning book by Robert Rosen, the best friend of our meister Otto.
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