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Trying to put sites into regions so easier to plan where/when to go to them etc.


Suffolk Coast

South & Heart of Suffolk

Needham Lake

Needham Market Needham Market was isolated due to the plague and a chain was erected at both ends of the town, hence the names still in use,'Chainhouse' at the south end and 'Chainbridge' at the north. The chains would not have been an effective physical barrier so they must have acted as a psychological deterrent. - - - - - The scientist, Joseph Priestly, was minister from 1755 to 1758. He discovered oxygen and worked on the nature of gases, inventing soda water.

Stowmarket The poet John Milton made regular visits to the town as his tutor, Dr Thomas Young, became vicar of Stowmarket in 1628.

The Green Children of Woolpit

Roman Settlement in Baylham

Shrubland Hall


Borley Rectory (just on border with Essex nr. Sudbury)

The Sunrise Coast

West Suffolk

Across the Border and/or Multiple Sites

Suffolk Airfields

this should prob be under resources or something i guess. Archival Sound Recordings - George Ewart Evans Collection The recordings document rural life and agricultural work in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, folk beliefs about animals, medicine and witchcraft, folk and popular songs.

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