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Rough schedule

Sunday 28th August : Arrival & get in / setup afternoon Meeting Room 1 (MR1) booked and RR all day

Monday 29th August : Meet outside CSV 10am [Monday 29th August - radar at Bawdsey Manor is open] Closed – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 30th August : Meet at CSV 10am. RR booked all day Rendlesham UFO Field Trip. Collect materials for Kirlian Workshop. 4pm - 9pm Kirlian Geological Photography Workshop PR booked

Wednesday 31st August : Meet at CSV 10am.RR booked until 7pm Languard Fort field Trip or orford ness (tue→fri). 1pm – 6pm Ghost Detectors Workshop PR booked

Thursday 1st September : Meet CSV 10am. Grimes Graves & Devils Dyke Morning Field Trip. Red Barn Murders, Green Children & Gallows Hill Afternoon Field Trip. RR booked all day

Friday 2nd September : Meet CSV 10am Orford Ness Atomic Bomb Field Trip. RR booked all day

Saturday 3rd September : Meet CSV 10am Final Day / Evening Event. RR booked all day

Sunday 4th September : Take down & Departure RR booked all day

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