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-1] Suffolk Record Office - http://www.suffolk.gov.uk/sro 
-2] Archival Sound Recordings - George Ewart Evans Collection.  //The recordings document rural life and agricultural work in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, folk beliefs about animals, medicine and witchcraft, folk and popular songs.// http://sounds.bl.uk/TextPage.aspx?page=backgroundGeorge%20Ewart%20Evans%20collection  
-//http://ipswich-arts.org.uk/ there is a talk about George Ewart Evans on 8th September in Ipswich. We should maybe contact these people?// 
-3] Folklore, Myths and Legends of Great Britain - Readers Digest 
-4] East Anglia. Walking the ley lines and ancient tracks. - Shirely Toulson 1979, Wildwood House Limited 
-5] http://www.suffolklandscape.org.uk/landscape_map.aspx (from Wilfried) 
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