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-Documentation from building the prototypes and then the Psychogeophysics walk where we go hunt for aliens and get into the airbase:+Documentation from building the prototypes of the new devices and then using them during the the Psychogeophysics event.
 +We have a simultaneous 3 people recording from the walk where we go looking for aliens and get into the airbase.
 +Take a a look at the files. The thickness of the lines is the pitch - ie the amount of tilt of the device. You can see a few clear features.
 +1 when we stop at the East gate
 +2 Bury the electronics equipment in the area of 'static'
 +3 bending down to crawl through the fence to get into the airbase
 +4 Running to get away from the off duty squadies
 +Also compare it with the GPS recording made by Daniel. You can see the same distinctive 'Z' shape of the walk  
 +Files are here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/74h2ly6wzsyhw6w https://www.dropbox.com/s/74h2ly6wzsyhw6w
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