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  • Lutana - suburb of Hobart, old Zinifex zinc works (defunct 2009??)
  • Giblin Street Quarry, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - disused quarry - calcite related minerals (map:
  • Tolosa St Quarry, Glenorchy, Hobart - disused - Permian limey mudstones, containing some phosphate nodules. (map:
  • Cygnet - poss, Galena in a dyke to south

DAY 03 - *MONA - 5.58–6.32AM start with [LIGHT Exhibition at MONA DAWN/DUSK]* *Avoca - 2 old tin mines approx. 2 hours from Hobart


M- of these the Mathinna location looks the most promising! *(Mount Lyell, Queenstown area is rich in minerals/metals but 3.5 hrs from Hobart)

  • Tarkine NW Tasmania incl. Savage River iron ore deposits (approx. 5hrs away)

Nancy and Maria - ALL THESE ABOVE 4 hour drive at least there and more of an over night thing - SO UNLESS WE SPENT both days its probably too far

*Maria and Nancy will LOCK THESE INTO schedule AFTER we do a RISK ASSESSMENT over the coming weeks*

NB: we don't have autobahns/ very rough roads in comparison to EUROPEAN standards | Weather is also very sketchy.

RISK ASSESSMENT will take place via Maria and in consultaition with geo-expert and Jason Thursday 06 AUGUST

Plan to head to Avoca and if going is good on to Mathinna!

schedule Earth Code/Core Litany 24-29 August

_DAY 01_ Introductions All Plimsoll Gallery 24 August 10.00 - 15.00

_DAY 02-03_ Earth Code Field Work 25–26 August dawn to dusk | Sites under discussion / pending risk assessment please see [locations]

_DAY 04_ Rough Presentation of project responses, Gallery set up Schedule Lock in 27 August 9am - 5pm

_DAY 05_ Core Litany 12 hour event - Friday 28 August: 09.00 - 21.00 [9am - 9pm]

_DAY 06_ Break down Core Litany 12 hour event - Saturday 29 August: 09.00 - 12.00 [9am - 12 noon]


DAY 00 23 August: 15:50 Martin, Katie, Jonathon Arrive Tasmania Hobart Airport

DAY 01 Monday 24 August 10.00 - 15.00 Location: Plimsoll Gallery. Introductions by all. Including Questions / admin / invoices / payment issues / house keeping project mandate and expectations

DAY 02-03 Earth Code Fieldwork


ALL MEET 05.00am Hunter Street – Centre of the Arts drive together

5.58–6.32AM MONA LIGHT Exhibition at MONA DAWN

Then on to: POSSIBLE LOCATIONS - TBC after risk assessment and weather forecast pending. Lutana - suburb of Hobart, old Zinifex zinc works (defunct 2009??) Giblin Street Quarry, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - disused quarry - calcite related minerals (map: Tolosa St Quarry, Glenorchy, Hobart - disused - Permian limey mudstones, containing some phosphate nodules. (map: Cygnet - poss, Galena in a dyke to south

Doug Kahn Arrives 25 August Tuesday 15.55

DAY 03 – Wednesday August 26 Regional Tasmania Avoca - 2 old tin mines approx. 2 hours from Hobart/ OR / REALLY GOOD WEATHER PERMITTING / RISK ASSESSMENT permitting Mathinna - 99 miles from Hobart - old gold mines x 3 (some new operation attempted),_Tasmania

DAY 04 Thursday 27 August 9am - 5pm - Plimsoll Gallery 27 Rough Presentation of project responses Gallery set up Schedule lock in

DAY 05 – Friday August 28 09.00 - 21.00 [9am - 9pm] Core Litany 12 hour ritual in III ACTS ACT I Anarchaeology of Media ACT II Networked Aesthetics ACT III Ecologies of Performance Current workings

Day 06 Saturday 29 August 09:00 – 17:00 Breakdown Plimsoll Gallery (attendance essential)


Martin/Kati/Jonathan Depart Sunday - 30 August 8:40 Hobart Airport.

Doug Depart 30 August Sunday 12.05 Hobart Airport.


- voltaic pits - 2 pits filled with mine water && recovered ores from field trip → at Plimsoll spawn various electrolytic-chemical excitations with collected materials *(Nancy: can we use eg. the garden area near Plimsoll patio doors for digging?)* * discussing with Maria - she thinks there may be a little alleyway just near there that might be possible since we can probe courtyard but not too much relandscaping *

- voltaic rock piles (see images)

- diy kiln smelting - for processing collected fieldtrip rocks - ie. metallic ores cf. Mathinna

- charcoal/air/earth voice furnace

- mineral/acid distillations following alchemical recipes (oil of vitriol, aqua fortis, spirit of salt) and their workings on fieldtrip rocks.


- field trip

  • buckets for rock collection
  • water containers for any tailing water collection (eg. 2x 25L) eg. Mathinna
  • rock hammers and chisels, protective plastic goggles, gardening gloves
  • spades and trowels

- infrastructure for electronics/etc -

  • 500g - 1kg each reels of copper wire of thicknesses 0.15mm, 1mm or close to these dimensions
  • standrad plumbing copper tubing/plate plumbing scraps/copper, nails
  • soldering stations (3 or 4)
  • 1 or 2 power supplies (12v)
  • 1 or 2 cheap multimeters
  • junked electronics which could be useful such as transformers, computer mainboards, processors, RAM/memory, harddrives
  • hand tools such as cutters, handsaws, hammers
  • thick metal rods/tubes for grinding minerals - steel plate/similar to grind on
  • gaffer tape
  • plastic cups

- portable speaker for outside use (this should have its own battery): eg. (JK HAS CRAPPY ONE!)

- PA, mixer for inside, beamer, lots of paper (a4 or suitable for printer, a1 for designs and brainstorm), pens, a4 laser printer or dot-matrix with suitable computer/laptop connection (usb/serial)

- some kind of outdoor research-construction kit (to be specified) so 2x large 6v batteries such as

  • electric drill, masonry bits (small and big)


- DIY kiln-furnace:

  • old working microwave oven (8-900watts+ ideal) [nancy has 1]
  • silicon carbide or magnetite powder (1-200g) JK BROUGHT
  • sodium silicate (waterglass) (100ml) JK BROUGHT
  • hard alumina sheet JK BROUGHT
  • lime/chalk/seashells as flux

- rock/pit voltaics/electrolysis (use clay etc from below)

  • gelatin (from baking section) 4x 10g packets
  • iron & copper sulphide ores - fieldtrip??
  • sea salt (pure salt) - 1-2kg

- charcoal/air/voice furnace:

  • 4x fire bricks/stones each around 50cm x 20cm
  • regular barbeque charcoal (not briquettes) and fire lighters
  • 10kg of potters clay
  • plastic tubing (clear, flexible (10mm-20mm) and regular plumbing around 40mm say 1 to 2 metres, scraps also) and various sizes of plastic funnels
  • cement and sand for casting concrete (25kg)

Chemicals and chemistry equipment: some to be specified more clearly

  • sodium oxide 200g (used in ceramics)
  • 4 boxes of Firework/christmas sparklers
  • local silica sand (find it on site)
  • sea shells and/or bits of chalk/limestone
  • saltpeter/potassium nitrate 1kg
  • ammonium chloride powder 1kg
  • sea salt (pure salt) - 1kg
  • ferrous sulphate/ferrous sulfate/iron pyrites 1kg
  • fuller's earth powder 1kg
  • Health & Safety stuff
  • 2x vapour masks;
  • nitrile gloves (x15 pairs),
  • heavy duty rubber gloves (x2)
  • welding gloves - JK BROUGHT


some kind of outdoor research-construction kit - please elaborate - nancy has large batteries and rechargers nancy - any links/specs? ALL HERE:

Please note _ I WILL HAVE TO TEST these to see if they work - as i haven't used them for eaons… : ( : /

Battery 01: Battery Warehouse - Sealed rechargeable battery. 12V 1.3A application floating use 13.5 - 13.8

what participants should bring

BYO thermals, snacks and bonhomie.

Your personal tool kit may be extended over the course of the event, participants are asked to bring along

  • rubber gloves
  • goggles
  • any fume masks they have
  • soldering irons
  • recording devices (paper, pens, audio recorders, cameras, headphones)
  • scrap metals, minerals, rock ores
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